What I’ve Bookmarked | 18


How Britain fell in love with the tote bag – and why it’s a dangerous fiction 
Making sustainable choices is rarely straightforward – I’m a big fan of a tote bag but this is worth a read

I used to weigh 25 stone, but the responsibility for tackling the obesity crisis is yours as much as mine

Anna’s guides to Bali and California make me want to jump on a plane right now

This Vanity Fair article on a specific set of Australian beach mom influencers is really interesting

Why are we so obsessed with being spontaneous?
As a strong MBTI J this article speaks to me

The female gaze can have a special poison of its own 

Film director Ava DuVernay speaks to Congresswoman Ilhan Omar 

Life Lag: Are we stuck catching up?

Are cleaning gurus sweeping an epidemic under the carpet?
The rise of Mrs Hinch has always made me feel a bit weird, and Eva Wiseman puts it into words really well

The Wild Ride at Babe.Net
Babe became famous when it was the site that broke the Aziz Ansari #metoo story, and this is fascinating look behind-the-scenes at the rise & fall of a new media site

Smash the Wellness Industry

Love Island’s Michael shocked the nation. But women have seen it all before.

Welcome to the era of branded engagements 
This is crazy – an influencer sold her engagement to a bunch of companies

Just buy the coffee

Why can’t we just call things unkind?

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