Two Months in Review: July & August

ABFF5A49-D82E-4378-B04F-0ABA6BD95B23This summer has felt like it has gone by in a second, and I feel like it has been difficult to really catch my breath or find the time to write anything down anywhere.

I was talking to my housemate about how time really does seem to go a hundred times faster now than I remember it ever going when I was younger – and it is beginning to make me feel slightly anxious about all the things that I just want to be able to do but the clock seems to be against me somewhat. Or this could just be end-of-summer angst speaking, as this time of year always makes me feel a bit like I’m back at university or school with a new year ahead of me – despite the fact that these structures haven’t existed in my life for five years now.

But anyway, what have I been up to in the last two months of summer? I write this hiding from the Bank Holiday heat after burning myself yesterday like the poor excuse of an adult I am…

  1. Enjoying London in all its hot, rainy, tourist-filled glory. The beginning of August marked my third year living here and whilst sometimes the fact that no matter where you go for dinner it will somehow cost £20 minimum and that the tubes are basically underground furnaces – I still can’t imagine being anywhere else
  2. Returning to Dauphinoise & Debauchery for brunch which was delicious and also featured personalised jam jars
  3. Saying goodbye to my Grandad was not a highlight, but hearing so many people reflect on what a nice, decent man he was made me feel very lucky to have known him
  4. My friend from Birmingham came to visit London, and we headed first to El&n Cafe which does great coffee and somewhat overpriced cakes in a setting that is designed for Instagram. Her main reason for visiting was for the Dior exhibition at the Victoria & Albert Museum which was incredible. Stunning clothes and artistry on display and it was so interesting to see the same shapes repeated over the decades with different focuses on fabrics and patterns. I came away with a full camera roll and a Dior wishlist as long as my arm.
  5. One of the reasons I think the past couple of months has flown so fast is that I changed projects at work – moving from a long-term project to one with much more pace. I don’t miss my early morning Kings Cross jaunts, but do miss having an excuse for Leon breakfast
  6. Finally had my first ever Secret Cinema experience – after pining over Moulin Rouge and Romeo + Juliet, I was super excited when my friends suggested we get tickets for Casino Royale. It was a fantastic evening, which threw us straight into the world of the film. I drank way too many martinis but thoroughly enjoyed it. I’m excited to see what they have planned after Stranger Things (which I have *whisper it* never watched)
  7. Went up to Liverpool to celebrate my housemate’s birthday. The weather was not that lovely, but it was fun to explore a city that I hadn’t been to in years. We stayed at the Malmaison near the Albert Docks and particularly enjoyed The Alchemist’s crazy cocktails
  8. As a birthday present for her, I got us tickets to see Jesus Christ Superstar at the Barbican. I’m not reviewing it as it has since finished, but this was the same production we saw a couple of years ago that I wrote about here. This production had a different case, and Robert Tripolino and Ricardo Afonso were excellent
  9. The past week saw a two other highlights for me – Taylor Swift released her seventh album Lover, also her longest and so much better than Reputation. I then saw Matthew Bourne’s Romeo & Juliet with my Mum which was excellent – and I have some thoughts to come


I cannot quite believe that we’re approaching September and autumn – though I’m excited for cooler (slightly!) temperatures and to be going on holiday in a month as well!

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