What I’ve Bookmarked | 19


Happy Sunday! I’m going to pretend that it hasn’t been an age since my last post and come back with a fun reading post.

Imposter syndrome is a response to a world that doesn’t believe in women

The unstoppable rise of ‘I want’ crowdfunding

Taylor Swift: I was literally about to break

This excellent photo diary of Amy’s trip to Cuba makes me want to just go to Cuba

The Crane Wife

Here’s how one woman beat the gender pay gap and asked for a raise

Millennial buys own home by cutting out luxuries and being the Duchess of Southwark

How many burnouts will it take before you change your ways? 

Everything that you’re feeling is okay – how do the healers heal after mass tragedy

Kristabel’s YouTube videos on her Mexico trip made me very jealous, and this post on Oaxaca has it added to my to-travel list

6 ways my life has improved several years after completing the KonMari Method

A post-racial UK doesn’t exist

Pumpkin. Spice. Waffles.

Anna on turning 30

Four years in start-ups. Read this and instantly added Weiner’s memoir to my wishlist.

Olivia’s wedding video made me cry – here’s her wedding day post (a stones throw from my house)

Why doesn’t anybody feel like an adult anymore?

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