A Month in Review: October


At this stage I’m just going to brush over the fact that I’m having a complete at keeping this space up-to-date. I’m making a resolution to myself that I will be better in 2020 – I have so many ideas for writing ideas and then I never quite seem to be able to convert to actual posts. I really like (and need) a creative outlet when work gets mad so I’m optimistic that this will be something that will happen next year.

October was a funny month in that I changed client somewhat unexpectedly at work and have felt a combo of out of sorts and mildly stressed for most of the month – the seemingly ever changing news didn’t help either.

However, there were some nice moments too. We went to Bungatini for my friend’s birthday brunch where I had brioche for starter and drank my way quite happily through many a bellini. I also bought a gorgeous white blazer from Zara beforehand in the Oxfam directly opposite which made me feel both virtuous and glam. I also went to Lantana with my old uni housemate for brunch which was great, and I definitely need to revisit as they had tiramisu french toast (!!).

My highlight of the month was probably a trip back to Birmingham to catch-up with some friends. We gathered at Medicine Bakery & Kitchen which is a really cool hidden gem on New Street – we just had coffee but the cakes there looked incredible. We then (in an apparent theme for October) went for brunch at the Button Factory which was really yummy and had great service. It was just so lovely to catch up with both of them, and to wonder around a city that is definitely my second home.

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