What I’ve Bookmarked #20


Happy Sunday afternoon. I’m expecting to be a in food coma right now as I’m home for the weekend and have exciting plans for a Sunday roast.

I have a whole bunch of good reads for you, follow the links below:

I. Love. Her. The world according to Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Stop using the phrase ‘sex act gone wrong’

I really enjoyed this: I tried dating according to zodiac compatibility 

Let this article scratch your Big Little Lies itch: The Battle of Grace Church, what happened when one of Brooklyn’s oldest nursery school decided to become less old-fashioned?

I let my chic grandma dress me for a week

After declaring that EY was probably a big firm I could deal with working for; this story broke: Women at Ernst & Young instructed on how to dress, act nicely around men

What would a city designed by women look like?

Zadie Smith on her style at home and away

I’ve been single so long I’m afraid I don’t need anyone now

In case I didn’t already want to go to New Orleans, Lucy’s post has sent in soaring up my list

Ariana Grande on grief and growing up

I need to factor in time to make Anna’s amazing looking cookies

The case for checking a bag

Yikes: I applied for an Apple card, what I was offered was a sexist insult

Double Yikes: The story of Caroline Calloway and her ghost writer

The stressful, gruelling reality of being a #RelationshipGoals couple

Navigating your 20s as an introvert 

My answer is yes: Are micro-breakups better than ghosting?

Why are we obsessed with other people’s daily habits?

I wore one outfit for 5 days and kept my cool (mostly)

Revolution on the installment plan: The moral hazards of the money diary

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