Clicklist #23: Bumper Easter Edition


Happy Easter! No matter how you celebrate, I hope you spend this this long weekend eating chocolate and spending time with people you care about. It has been forever since I wrote a clicklist for this site, some my Easter present is a bit of a bumper version.

From the Blogosphere

31 Absolutely Free Things You Can Do to Boost Your Confidence

Ria on what online dating has taught her

Amber wrote an excellent exploration of Instagram, looking at the rise of fake comments & likes

Things that only Tom Hardy can make sexy. Very important content.

Meg’s letter to her 21-year-old self

I have somehow never spent a proper day out in York, so I loved Bee’s guide to the city

7 life mistakes I’m glad I made

I didn’t really need much convicing, but Kate’s post on Positano has secured it on my list of places to go

Double. Chocolate. Malt. Cake.

I had the best time visiting Paris, and I enjoyed Naomi’s two part trip guide. Start here.

Erasing lines at the Hagia Sophia in Turkey

How to be both: On style & intellect (love this)

From around the internet

Hope, Skepticism, Honesty: 22 protesters on the DC Women’s March

Discovering my family’s holocaust history

Delete these photos off your phone ASAP

Noma Dumezweni’s beautiful Olivier Award acceptance speech.

What eating 15 different breakfasts taught me

This American Life’s “Ask a Grown-Up” episode

You can’t have self-love without self-respect

Owen Jones, a journalist for The Guardian, is doing an excellent series of writing called Brexitland. Worth reading.

How fake news is affecting Generation Z. Truly wild.

Here’s what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyonce

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Clicklist #22


It’s been a surprisingly long time since I put one of these link lists together, so for your lunch break this Monday there’s an assortment of everything from fashion and ballet, to mental health and President Obama.

From the Blogosphere

I really loved Sarah’s fashion homage to Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them

A Day in the Life of a Ballet Dancer, which also lead me to discover Olivia’s own blog, Ballet Style

Rosie’s post is a lovely throwback to Christmas, and I’m itching to try out Said

Michelle’s travel posts are always lovely, and I loved this diary from her trip to Bali. Also I really dig her new blog design.

3 Ways I Make the Most of Networking aka My Personal Hell

Hannah on the importance of knowing your own mental illness warning signs

Kate’s Elderflower Fizz cocktails look truly delicious, and a celebratory drink for all year around

I love this peep at Carrie’s beautiful wedding, and her post on finding her dress also scratched my Say Yes to the Dress itch.

Ways to support the Women’s March

I loved Rosianna’s vlogmas a lot, an example is below

From the Internet

Zadie Smith answers the Proust Questionnaire 

What is your idea of perfect happiness? Reading quietly, in high grass, among loved ones (who are also quietly reading). Followed by a boozy lunch.

Beyoncé interviews Solange, so interesting on both creativity and sisterhood

Pandora Sykes is one of my favourite writers & podcasters, so I really liked this look at her work life. Also a nod to Olivia for helping me discover Work Work Work.

Millennial playwrights pick the century’s best shows 

The strange death of municipal England (niche af, but if you care about your local services, worth reading)

When my mind stopped working, I realised just how badly we treat mental health. Brilliant piece by Isabel Hardman.

As if I haven’t banged on about the Money Diaries series enough, you can read a round-up of the UK ones here

It still doesn’t seem real that President Obama is being replaced by a human garbage fire, so here are two of his final videos. His beautiful farewell speech in Chicago, and his awarding of the Medal of Freedom to Joe Biden.

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Clicklist #21


So the last few weeks have been a bit of a wild ride. Here’s some of the best bits from around the internet for you to enjoy with your tea.

From the Blogosphere

Some of Al’s secrets of adulthood

Anna’s guide to Barcelona

7 Rules for Moving Somewhere with a Higher Cost of Living

On eating disorders & the physicality of depression & one’s own ever after. Meg’s writing is just beautiful.

36 Amazing Things Our Generation Was Last to Experience. A complete nostaglia-fest

Michelle’s ode to the importance of alone time

I loved Ayden’s diary of her trip to Vietnam which just looks stunning

Emma’s messy thoughts from a messy election

Gala Darling on what we do now

From the Blogosphere

Aaron Sorkin’s amazing letter to his daughter after Drumpf’s election

Why modern dating makes me want to punch myself in the throat

The Election Data blog on what on earth is happening this year

I’ve heard enough of the white male rage narrative

A policeman on proposing to his boyfriend at Pride.

How we do (and don’t but should) treat depression

This beautiful letter from Leonard Cohen to his muse Marianne Ihlen

Clicklist #20


If there’s a theme to this clicklist, it would probably be wonderlust and a need to eat great food.

From the Blogosphere

Amy’s photo diary from Gothenburg

Briony’s guide to a weekend in Brussels, a place I’m very keen to visit

Budapest has been on my to-visit list for a while, and Michelle’s photo diary of her visit has done nothing to change that

Rose’s crazy versatile goats cheese dip

One of the things that makes me love Briony’s blog is her ‘slashie’ life, I love her weekday/weekend style post

Anna’s guide to a weekend in Stockholm

Meg on why representation matters

Why We Need to Change the Way We Think About Our Bodies

24 Things I’ve Learnt in 24 Years

Maple. Bacon. Cinnamon Roll. Cake.

Vix on catching the feels

Emma on the people she pointlessly compares herself to

Around the Internet

I adore Tavi Gevinson’s writing, and this Infinity Diary entry  is beautiful

How to trick yourself into being kind to yourself

7 Essential Questions to Ask Yourself Before Accepting a New Job

An insight into the important work of university mental health services (and the pressure they’re under)

It’s time to stop being friends with protest voters

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Clicklist #19


From the Blogosphere

Sophie on how to do Santorini on a budget. Perfect if literally everyone’s Instagram feeds are giving you wonderlust.

Emma on the importance of supporting other women

32 Signs You’re Growing Up Way Too Fast

I loved Jennie’s post on accepting her body

19 Wonderful Things That Happen When You’re a Cat Person (also I miss my cat)

Meg’s post alongside Joanne Krupnick on how to cleanse your wardrobe was very useful.

Alexandra’s latest ‘secrets of adulthood’ (I’m so excited for her book)

Charlotte on the truth about London

Jen’s guide to Copenhagen, reinforcing my desire to visit this city

From around the internet

Ask Polly: My Ex Was Awful, But I Can’t Get Over Him

This American Life broadcasting from the refugee camps in Greece

You definitely need to follow Gladstone the Treasury Cat

Reasons why 2016 isn’t totally awful

I’ve really been loving Jess’ vlogs from India

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Clicklist #18

It’s been a while since my last link sharing post so this is a bit of a bumper installment, covering everything from Brexit to ballet.

From the Blogosphere 

Jane’s really interesting and insightful piece about being Asian in Australia and in the blogging sphere

Tara’s 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

Rosie’s accidentally vegan pancakes

Emma went to one of my all-time favourite places, the New Forest

Steph’s very personal & heartfelt reflection on nationality post-Brexit

Alexandra Silber is an incredibly talented actress, and thoughtful writer. I really liked her post on turning 33.

Ria on how far pop culture still has to go in representing people of different ethnicities properly.

Meg’s reflections on just the absolute…state of things now

Tara’s post on having healthy sexual relationships is fab (NSFW images)

I miss Birmingham already, and if you’re planning a visit you couldn’t go far wrong following Olivia’s 24-hour guide

Hannah on living without a support network

Around the internet

Aziz Ansari on why Trump would be a disaster for his family

Different ballet dancers talk about the challenge of dancing the role of Juliet

The totally fab Ruby Tandoh on ‘self-doubt, misogyny and carbs’

What celebrating Taylor Swift’s ‘downfall’ says about us

Has misogynistic abuse turned the Labour Party into the nasty party for women?

Bim Adewunmi’s dispatches from the Republican Convention are…kind of terrifying.

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Clicklist #17

This week has been really exhausting and, if you hadn’t pick up on it in my last post, I haven’t been feeling my most fabulous either.


However, powering through the 90-odd YouTube videos that I’ve missed out on is making me feel a bit perkier, so if the past week has you down & the weather’s doing a very poor impression of June, then here’s a bunch of stuff that should hopefully perk you up a little.

From the Blogosphere 
Bryony’s guide to spending 36 Hours in the Netherlands
Emma Gannon’s 60 Small(ish) Things That Make Me Happy. Also her awesome podcast.
19 of the Biggest Shocks About Growing Up. Hannah’s blog is always just so good.
Joy on what inspires her about her best friends just made me feel really warm inside.
I loved Meg’s photos of  her trip to Barcelona.

From Around the Internet
If you’re not already subscribed to Dolly Alderton’s newsletter, you really should be
The same goes for the Two Bossy Dames newsletter
The latest episode of the Call Your Girlfriend podcast from the United State of Women Summit
The Guilty Feminist podcast on Worth with Sarah Millican, I love this. (Also thank you Julia for the reccomendation)
This Tony Award special Carpool Karaoke, just makes me beam

See also the opening of the Tony Awards (am a bit gutted that all the other performances seem to have been taken off YouTube though, if you can find The Color Purple that’s worth a watch too)

I feel like I include Jess’ vlogs every time YouTube does their standard ‘vlogging months’ but I do just love her videos.
I’ve also been really enjoying Amelia Liana’s vlogs this month, her editing is super crisp (and I’d kill for her wardrobe)
Then, if you like a tongue-in-cheek approach, Adrian Bliss is back, this time he’s travelling to Vidcon.
And that’s it!
Let’s all be a little kinder than we have to be over the next week.
And please, please vote on the 23rd June if you’re in the UK.