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A Year in Review: 2016

2016 was a bit of a year.  From political decisions that shook the long-standing beliefs I’ve had about other people, to losing my Gran and many icons that I’ve grown-up loving (Carrie Fisher, George Michael, David Bowie), it’s one that I’ll be happy to see the back of. However, lots of pretty great stuff happened this… Continue reading A Year in Review: 2016

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Magic, Nostalgia & Fantastic Beasts

This past weekend, I went to see Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them. I’ll be honest and say I wasn’t really excited about seeing it. I felt like it was potentially a bit of a cash-grab, especially after being pretty unwhelmed by reading Cursed Child. However, a Potter-mad housemate and Eddie Redmayne’s face got me into my local cinema.… Continue reading Magic, Nostalgia & Fantastic Beasts