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Two Months in Books: January & February

This isn’t really how I wanted to start my 2017 reading year, but here I am, rolling together two months of reading. So far this year, I’ve read six books meaning I’m already two behind my Goodreads challenge which is causing me more angst than I really care to admit. However, I’ve read a real… Continue reading Two Months in Books: January & February

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Thoughts On: Hamlet, Almeida Theatre

Hamlet is a play that I’ve wanted to see since I, like many young people in the UK, studied it as an A-Level text at school. However, its productions tend to feature very popular male actors, making getting tickets a pretty crazy challenge. So I was very pleased when my housemate managed to get hold of tickets… Continue reading Thoughts On: Hamlet, Almeida Theatre

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Thoughts On: Hidden Figures

Hidden Figures contains the one thing I never thought would truly grip me as a central component of a story…maths. However, this story of three trailblazing black women at NASA in the early 1960s is massively entertaining from start to finish. The film follows Katherine Johnson (Taraji P. Henson), a mathematician whose calculations launch rockets; Dorothy… Continue reading Thoughts On: Hidden Figures

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Thoughts On: Twelfth Night, National Theatre

Twelfth Night was one of the productions that had me most excited to be gifted an Advance Membership to the National for Christmas. It’s a Shakespeare play I haven’t ever seen or studied, in fact, my only real exposure to it was the seminal film She’s the Man. However, the presence of Tamsin Greig in a gender-swapped role… Continue reading Thoughts On: Twelfth Night, National Theatre